What is 3D Printing and how it works

The starting point for a 3D-printed object is a digital design. Professional designers and architects use design software. The digital file is converted into a format that is suitable for printing, a so-called.STL file. The design is then divided into thin slices on the computer.

With this information, a 3D printer builds with Selenide Powder the entire object layer by layer. There are 3D printers in different shapes and sizes, look here for more explanation and videos about the different industrial 3D printing techniques.

Get started you

Nowadays there are more and freer and user-friendly programs, with which you can easily create designs, adjust or even scan existing objects in 3D. Discover all kinds of ways to get started with your own ideas.

Do you want to make 3D printing but you don’t know how? In this article, we tell you everything you need to know and provide answers to questions such as: “What is 3D printing?”, “How does 3D printing work? “,” What are 3D printing costs? “And” With which materials can I print 3D? ”

3D printing materials

Nowadays, more and more 3D printing materials are coming onto the market. Wood, sugar, plastic or gold; the amount of 3D printing materials is limitless and that means that the applications of 3D printing are endless.

3D printing metal

3D printing with metal is currently not yet possible for home users, but that will change within a few years. According to researchers, it will not be long before the first 3D metal printers reach the consumer market.

Selenide Powder

3D printing plastic

In contrast to 3D printing with metal, 3D printing with plastic is already very possible for consumers at the moment. The most popular filaments for 3D printing with plastic are Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS) and Polylactic Acid (PLA). These are inexpensive 3D printing materials with which the users can 3D print a variety of objects.

3D printing costs

The majority of 3D printing costs are formed by 3D printer costs. The purchase costs of a 3D printer are often relatively high, while other 3D printing costs such as electricity costs, maintenance costs and material costs are not too bad.

3D printing price: how much does a 3D printer cost?

The 3D printing price is therefore mainly determined by the price of the 3D printer itself. When you buy a cheap 3D printer, 3D printing does not have to be expensive at all. We have explained here and here what the costs of 3D printing are and how you can keep the 3D printing price as low as possible.

3D printing future

That 3D printing is the future, according to researchers is a fact. This promising 3D printing future is mainly due to the rapid technological developments in the field of 3D printing. The more things that can be made with 3D printing have the greater the role that 3D printing will play in our society.

3D printing in our country

The role of 3D printing is also becoming increasingly important in our country. 3D printing is rapidly gaining popularity in our country. This is partly due to a growing number of Fablabs and 3D printing services. 3D printing is also becoming more affordable so that curious consumers take the chance and buy a 3D printer. A decision they probably won’t regret the future.